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Research & Developmemt of IoT Platform, Devices and Solutions empowering Industries/Homes do better

Devices & Sensors

  • Hardware Development
  • Device Programming
  • Windows IoT Core/ Linux
  • C#/C/C++/Arduino

Cloud Platform

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Azure IoT
  • Cloud Solutions development
  • Realtime Analytics/ Machine learning

Mobile Apps

  • Apps Development
  • Windows UWP
  • Xamarin Cross platform Apps
  • Android and iOS

IoT/ Automation

  • Home & Industrial Automation
  • Realtime Monitoring, Control & Analytics
  • Industry grade sensors & controllers
  • Dashboards of realtime & historical data

Cloud based Smart Home Automation

State of Art, based on Cloud platform, GOC Smart Home Automation system allows users to monitor/control their home from anywhere where they can find connectivity to Internet. GOC Smart Home Automation solution is completely Wireless solution, no need for any new wiring at home. So, it can be easily installed with existing home appliances and also with new ones.

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