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GOC Labs LED Lights

At GOC Labs, we manufacture High lumens, long-life, and low power consuming LED Lights and Smart LED Lights which can also work with our Automation system.

LED Lights we produce are as follows:

Type Models

Celling Lights

Concealed Lights, Downlights, Surface Lights, Bullet Lights etc.

Available from 1W - 48W based on model and type

Panel Lights

Available sizes are 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, 4x2

Street Lights

Available in COB and/or SMD based also in different shapes and sizes.

Wattage: from 9W - 150W

All in One Solar Street Lights

Integrated Solar Street light having LiPo battary and high grade solar panel in one unit with high lumens Led Light.

Wattage: from 9W - 80W

Flood Lights

Weather proof IP66/67 grade flood lights. Available with and without lenses.

Wattage: from 12W - 500W

Highbay Lights

Great for warehouses and assembly areas.

Wattage: from 50W - 200W

Flicker-Free Flood Lights

GOC Flicker free LED lights are specifically made for Film and shooting industry. Highly optimized to support very high camera frame rates even for ultra slow motion shoot.

Wattage: from 50W - 150W