Cloud based Smart Home Automation

State of Art, based on Cloud platform, GOC Smart Home Automation system allows users to monitor/control their home from anywhere where they can find connectivity to Internet. GOC Smart Home Automation solution is completely Wireless solution, no need for any new wiring at home. So, it can be easily installed with existing home appliances and also with new ones.


Cloud (IoT) based

Powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and Azure IoT services. Perfectly Tailored to users need. Our solution is hosted in the Cloud to allow users to feel Real-time experience and from any mobile device/client device from anywhere in the world.


Our Automation system uses Azure cognitive service to give users, an intelligent solution for their home. Lights can be dimmed or colour changed upon user’s mood or voice commands. Similarly, other Devices/ Appliances can be controlled by face/ voice recognition without any touch.

Real-Time Analytics and Dashboards:

Analyse your Home and appliances Power consumption, Temparature, Humidity, Security measures and much more in Real-Time or historical data. Generates intuitive Dashboards.

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications:

Our Smart solution features Real-Time alerts and notifications on any event. E.g. Fire break, Smoke, Gas Alerts and Security breach.

Low Power Consuming Sensors/ Controllers:

All of our Sensors and Controllers are low power consuming and durable for long life performance.

Mobile Apps:

GOC Smart Home mobile apps with modern and intuitive UI and very user friendly.

And much more….

Technical Overview